Custom Telecaster

Built in 2009. Burled Amboyna top with a Fender USA Telecaster neck. Owner completed with a set of Seymour Duncan pickups. Killer!

No-name Flying V

This will be the guinea pig for the above Explorer. It has a date with the checkerboard maker...maybe.

(Actual photo coming soon!)

If Vai played bass...

He might have one of these! This was the first attempt to create the Vai bass.

Wacky 60's basses!

I know, I probably sounds like crap. But how cool is that??


Because they are ridiculous...just like the guy playing this one! (Come on, was a Halloween gig...give me a break!)

Headless AND a Doubleneck? SHUT UP!

An old Washburn Bantam bass. Ohhh...I WILL have one of these someday!

The new Vai bass project!

The body has been completed and is on its way! NEON paints are on the way! The neck for this project will probably come from the one next door to the left. I am efforting an old Ibanez neck with sharktooth inlays, but am not having much success so far. UGH.

2013-built 1966 Fender Jazz

Heavy relic finish by MJT Guitars in Surf Green, tons of quality parts including two necks (both with painted headstocks - one reliced, the other is stock).

  • Neck 1 - B. Hafner '57 v-profile maple board P-neck
  • Neck 2 - Mighty Mite Jazz neck - maple board
  • Real vintage 80's '62 Jazz pickups (can include original display boxes)
  • REAL '66 Fender neckplate
  • Repro reliced butterbean tuners
  • REAL vintage 60's knobs
  • Reliced/dirtied up '66-style bridge
  • Fender Custom Shop MOTS pickguard
  • Beautifully aged electronics plate
  • New wiring harness includes an orange drop capacitor

Includes period-correct '66 Fender case (rough shape, but correct). Plays great, sounds great, LOOKS KILLER!!

***SOLD - OCTOBER 2015***

Custom Telecaster Bass

Fashioned from a Mighty Mite Telecaster guitar body. The neck is a Jazz bass model that has had the headstock shaved down to a 50's style. Old Kramer Duke "double-jazz" pickup in the bridge position and a Seymour Duncan Antiquity in the neck position.

1983 Ibanez X-series DT600

Funky, funky, funky! Found as a complete carcass, less electronics. Currently in the process of wiring in some old Spector pickups (they were the most powerful!). Check out those tulip style tuners! 

Things we like!

Our Projects:

Rick Nielsen Bettie Bass

This was a First Act Custom Shop guitar that was built for Rick Nielsen. Found a body blank on eBay...and am now in the process of figuring out how to fashion this into a bass. Does anyone have any pink binding material lying around???

Social D!

A good place to start...'nuff said!


The coolest doubleneck of all!

90's Graphic guitars!

Or ANYTHING played by George Lynch, Vivian Campbell, or Steve Vai!

Warmoth Explorer bass

This one is going to be AMAZING!

I picked up a couple vintage Warmoth pieces on eBay a while back. An Explorer body and a REVERSE HEADSTOCK Explorer neck. I am planning to give these the checkerboard treatment, ala Rick Nielsen. many times do I have to tell you that we love CT?

Headless Basses!

Like this fine example of a Steinberger XP-2!!

​​​Glen Armil Guitars

        Glen Armil Guitars 

2005 ESP Jazz bass

ESP Jazz body in a translucent blue to which we added a lefty MIM Jazz neck. There are EMG passive pickups in the neck position, and the factory ESP pickup at the bridge. It sounds great and has absolutely no issues. Fun to play, and looks cooler than your run of the mill Jazz bass!