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2005 ESP Jazz Bass w/lefty MIM neck - $300

ESP Jazz body in a translucent blue with a lefty MIM Jazz neck. I was going for the reverse headstock look.

There are EMG passive pickups in the neck position, and the factory ESP pickup at the bridge. It sounds great and has absolutely no issues. Fun to play, and looks cooler than your run of the mill Jazz bass...

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1981 Washburn Vulture - $400

Awesome figured body with a black bound neck and neck-through design. Sustain for days! I love these old Washburns! And straight from the 80's time machine...a brass nut!

There is a good sized finish crack in the middle of the back of the neck and a ding on the top side of the neck at about the 5th fret. The story was that the previous owner played on the first European Warped Tour, and a roadie knocked it off a stand. True or not (I have no reason to doubt the guy...he seemed pretty chill) it doesn't affect the playability. The open back Schaller tuners are fabulous, too. Very easy to play, low action, and OHSC. The case, however, is not a Washburn branded one. It was purchased with the guitar, which the original owner purchased in Sweden. Apparently, it was cheaper to ship guitars to Europe if they weren't in a case? Beats me.'s the case it has been in all its life.

​​​Glen Armil Guitars

        Glen Armil Guitars 

1985 Ibanez DB700 - $300

Super's a loud sucker, too. There is some corrosion on the bridge and lots of dings/nicks in the paint, but nothing outrageous...and some pick scratches in the finish. The input jack is a little sketch, but does the job. The action is low and it plays awesome. No case. 

1969 Fender Precision bass - $2400

'69 P-bass w/'76 neck - bass was modified in early 80's by PO with two active bass lines humbuckers, wired as V-T-V-T. Reliced neck/fingerboard, REAL '69 tuners, original case. Naturally super worn body...another mojo machine!​

1966 Fender Bassman Amp/Cabinet - $1600

An original matching amp and cabinet combo, with original head cover. Clean, clean, clean!

1972 Fender Telecaster bass

All original with OHSC. There is some funky paint loss on the lower side of the body, but is still an amazing piece. Well balanced, and plays like butter!

1983 Fender Precision bass - $850

w/early '90's Warmoth replacement Jazz-size neck, brass nut, and brass open-back Schaller tuners. TONS of mojo!