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Who is Glen Armil? Where is he from?? It's the same question you asked about Pink Floyd or Monty Python. (Shut know you did!)

Glen Armil is a neighborhood that was developed in the late 30's - early 40's in Davenport, Iowa. The development contains a nondescript inner city park that was the scene of a great many shenanigans over the last 45 years or so.

There were Park Board activities in the was the site of the original Turkey Bowl football games that took place on Thanksgiving Day...bottle rockets, beer drinking in the bushes, and late night basketball games. It was the epicenter of activity in our neighborhood, and where the cool kids hung out after the street lights came on. And is now the namesake of this endeavor.

That said, we grew up playing music. We came to love several bands that became icons of the industry, most notably Cheap Trick, KISS, AC/DC, and Rush. We've been in bands forever, and we still play out and around. We kick ass. And we always will.

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​​​Glen Armil Guitars

        Glen Armil Guitars 

We love gear. Period. We appreciate the classic stuff...the Les Paul's, Strats, Telecasters...but we REALLY love the funkiness of the 70's, 80's, and 90's gear. Hamer, anyone? YES, PLEASE! Washburn, Kramer, ESP, Westone, Aria Pro, Carvin? I'll take all of the above for $100, Alex. Flying V's, Explorers, Pacers, Headless, Doublenecks...OMG. I need to sit down for a second...

Given the above admission, we also enjoy experimenting by making basses out of traditional guitar bodies. To date, nobody has wanted a guitar fashioned out of bass parts...but you never know what is coming next. Check out our Projects page if you have been thoroughly confused by all this banter.