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Guitar/Bass/parts location, funky designs, whatever we can do to help! 

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Who We Are

  • '83 Ibanez DT600 bass
  • '89 Carvin LB50
  • Custom Explorer bass
  • Rick Nielsen "Bettie" tribute bass
  • Flying V guitar
  • Washburn B-5 bass
  • Custom Vai bass
  • ​Schecter Diamond Series Bass

​​​Glen Armil Guitars

        Glen Armil Guitars 

It began long, long ago in Davenport, Iowa

Want to build something?

We've constructed several basses out of random parts. You like a guitar body, but want it to be a bass? No problem! Just hit us up on our Contact page and we can get started.

Need some inspiration?

Check out our Projects page! There you will find plenty of examples of our work...and maybe a few things that we've thought were cool that we haven't gotten around to yet.

What We Do